The most used ball-tracer in golf

Major networks like NBC, CBS, Golf Channel and Sky Sports trust Toptracer to trace the shots of the game’s best players at hundreds of tournaments each year.

How Golf Ought to Be Watched

The true beauty of a golf shot lies in the shape of the ball’s flight path: a majestic draw off the tee to the middle of the fairway, a subtle fade to the center of the green. Before Toptracer, these nuances were lost in the white clouds or bright skies above. Using a special camera, Toptracer is able to track the entire flight of a golf ball and then add a trace graphic to the screen. This seemingly simple concept—being able to see the path of the golf ball—has forever transformed the golf viewing experience.

Cutting-edge technology

For the true golf geek, Toptracer provides shot stats like ball speed, apex, curve, carry and more. Our shot traces can be integrated into virtual course graphics to animate the ball’s trajectory in a side-slab format. While some ball-tracing technologies can only track shots off the tee or on the range, Toptracer is able to trace shots from anywhere on the course. In real time, we can capture key approach shots during pivotal moments in a golf tournament.

At Home on the Range

Watching a tour pro hit balls on the practice tee before or after a round is mesmerizing. The sound of impact, the intentional power fades, the low stingers, one after another after another. When Toptracer sets up on the range, the experience is magnified. Our cameras are able to trace every shot hit off the practice tee (like at the 2018 Open Championship at Carnoustie, shown) and display them on a giant LED screen, along with a plethora of stats, to the delight of players and fans alike.