The #1 Range Technology in Golf

Toptracer has traced more balls in more bays at more driving ranges in more countries than any other range technology on the planet. And it’s not even close.

At Toptracer, we believe in the power of more.

More data fuels more insights. More insights drive more innovation. And more innovation means more games that appeal to more players, so they come back and play even more.

When we invented driving range technology two decades ago, we reinvented the driving range experience. And even though we’ve been at it longer than anyone, we’re just getting started.

Balls hit at Toptracer Ranges since Jan 1, 2022

Toptracer on TV
Revolutionizing how we watch golf
Major networks like NBC, CBS, Golf Channel, and Sky Sports trust Toptracer to trace the shots of the game’s best players at major championships and international competitions each year.
Toptracer on TV
Transforming how we experience golf
Toptracer Range is the #1 Range Technology in Golf because we simply offer more. More games. More insights. More play. We invented range technology. And we’re making it better every single day.
Toptracer on TV
Leading the way since the beginning
When Daniel Forsgren invented Protracer in 2006, he had no idea the impact his camera technology would have on the game of golf—or that it would become the gold standard.

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