No two golfers are the same. That’s why we created a coaching platform that makes it easier for coaches to create custom lesson plans tailored to each unique student.

With a simple, modern, and intuitive interface, Toptracer Coach delivers an interactive coaching experience that today’s instructors crave—and students demand.

How does it work?

Toptracer Coach is a web-enabled platform that works on any internet-connected device. It leverages data from Toptracer Range games to provide a level of performance data unmatched in the industry. Pair this with the expertise of a golf coach and you’ve got the most in-depth, data-rich teaching experience in golf today.

Benchmark Assessments

Spend less time in the awkward, getting-to-know-you phase and more time on what’s most important: coaching. In just 12 shots, Toptracer12 offers an objective view of a student’s current skillset.

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Instructors can review practice sessions remotely and keep players accountable through engaging training assignments. Rather than selling time, the platform helps PGA Professionals sell results.

Don Rea
VP, PGA of America & Owner of Augusta Ranch Golf Club


Custom Drills and Assignments

Now with more robust customization options. Build your own drills with specific parameters (like distance, target size, number of shots and more), and store them in your drill library for future use. Use your drills to assess students, evaluate progress, and design assignments that are tailored to individual players.

Screenshots of Custom Assignments

Assignment Notifications

Communicate with your players like never before with automated emails and device notifications when you create new assignments. The email will link directly to the assignment in the player’s app and they’ll see it on the game screen at Monitor-equipped facilities.

Custom Assignments

Toptracer Coach gives our instructors greater visibility into members’ practice sessions than ever before. Those insights, paired with all the incredible data points, and the experience of our teaching staff will forge a more meaningful connection between our coaches and members.

Don Meadows
Director of Golf, Quail Valley Golf Club

Optimized Coaching Experience

Optimized Coaching Experience

A data-driven coaching approach results in more focused assignments and lesson plans that are constantly optimized to help students achieve their golf goals faster.

Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

Toptracer Coach delivers data directly to coaches and students at every step of the process—in real-time or by replay. Coaches can monitor the results of practice sessions and make the right decisions based on objective information.

Simple, Modern, Intuitive

Simple, Modern, Intuitive

The easy-to-follow interface centralizes the entire coaching experience and fosters greater collaboration between coaches and students—both in-person and virtually.

Toptracer Coach crystalizes how a player improves through practice. The platform links the steps in player development, beginning with a standardized assessment and then instructor-crafted assignments in between lessons that keep students accountable. It allows for self-discovery on a student’s own time. There’s a low mental load and it meets them where they’re at.

Darren May
PGA Tour Pro & Director of Golf at the Grove XXIII

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